Top-Shelf Criminal Defense Representation

A Federal Criminal Defender Who Will Not Back Down

Punishment for federal crimes can be severe, and hiring a lawyer who can defend against them is crucial. With more than 30 years of experience, attorney Frey has left no room for doubt in his capabilities — particularly in federal criminal cases. Your advocate needs to have not only years of experience but also results to back them up. With his assistance, countless clients have had their sentences reduced, charges dropped, sentences deferred and numerous outright acquittals. As a second-generation Georgia lawyer, criminal defense is a part of his DNA, and you can obtain the best possible outcome as his client.

Criminal Charges Can Be Fought – And Attorney Frey Will Help You Do It

Losing hope or pleading guilty right off the bat will likely do you more harm than good. In fact, losing confidence in your case is one of the worst things you can do. As a client of The Frey Law Firm, you will feel rejuvenated and comfortable knowing you have someone on your side whose primary job is to be your advocate.

Federal criminal cases the firm takes on include:

  • White-collar crime charges He represents clients charged with federal white-collar crimes, including fraud, bribery, embezzlement, forgery, identity theft, money laundering and copyright infringement.
  • Drug crimes The firm assists those facing federal drug charges such as drug trafficking, distributing, manufacturing, importation and possession.
  • Sex crimes – Attorney Frey represents clients facing federal sex crime charges such as aggravated sexual abuse and rape, prostitution, repeat sex offender crimes, child pornography, human trafficking and sexual slavery and sexual exploitation of children.

Attorney Frey also has ample experience defending against weapons charges, particularly for those involving the Atlanta airport. He knows where errors are made in cases like these and where to start to build a strong case.

Fight To Minimize The Consequences And Call Now

With a strong command of the rules in federal court and sentencing guidelines, attorney Frey can provide candid advice that is rooted in experience. Realistic expectations will be established from the onset so you do not feel caught off guard or left in the dark at any stage of your case.

For a consultation, please call 770-676-1431 or send a message now. The firm is located in Jonesboro, but attorney Frey can make visits to the jail and represents clients throughout the Atlanta area.