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Protecting You Against Damaging Internet Crime Charges

As technology becomes more advanced, internet crimes have become increasingly common and heavily prosecuted. If you face internet crime charges, such as internet sex crimes, computer fraud or cyberstalking, you need a dedicated criminal defense attorney by your side.

In his over 30 years of legal practice, attorney Steven M. Frey of The Frey Law Firm has earned a sound reputation in Clayton County and throughout Atlanta for his trial-proven approach and aggressive advocacy in criminal defense cases. When you work with Steven Frey, you will always receive the personalized attention you deserve during this challenging time. He will fight tirelessly to protect your rights and freedom.

A Criminal Conviction Can Have Serious Consequences

Internet crimes encompass a range of acts that use a computer or network to commit a criminal act, ranging from fraud to internet sex crimes. The state and federal governments take these crimes seriously, and a conviction can have serious penalties.

Attorney Steven Frey can defend you against a variety of internet crime charges, including:

An internet crime conviction can have serious consequences that can impact the rest of your life. Depending on your criminal history and the circumstances of your case, a conviction may lead to years in prison and expensive fines. You may also face a civil lawsuit and have to pay compensatory damages. Aside from criminal and civil penalties, a conviction can have lasting implications for the rest of your life. You may suffer damage to your reputation and personal relationships, loss of employment and difficulty finding employment in the future.

Work With An Attorney Who Knows How To Protect Your Rights

If you face criminal charges for internet or cybercrimes, you need an experienced defense lawyer to fight for you. Attorney Steven Frey knows what it takes to build a strong defense case on your behalf. You can trust him to put his years of experience and knowledge to work for you. From his office in Jonesboro, he can assist clients across Clayton County and throughout the Atlanta metro area. Schedule a consultation by calling 770-676-1431 or contacting The Frey Law Firm online.